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Total Restoration "Patina Jeep FJ3-A"

This was a major undertaking to say the least!  We found this Willys-Jeep FJ3-A sitting in a field in Northern California. The owner said it had been sitting for over 35 years and we can tell you it looked every second of that! However being that it was California there was no "cancer" or body rot and had the most beautiful natural patina from years of exposure and several paint jobs during it's lifetime. This van took over a year to complete and we rebuilt or replaced absolutely everything. We spent countless hours hand sanding and prepping it to preserve the look of the patina and then several coats of high gloss clear were applied to protect nature's masterpiece. This is one of our favorite builds we have ever done. She is now in Portland Oregon working the streets as arguably the most unique food trucks the city has to offer! 


 1972 Chevy P10 "Duracell


1972 Chevy P10 "Paddy Wagon II

This is one of the rarest and most sought after P10s in existance! 1972 Gruman Aluminum body P10 Shorty! This is the holy grail of P10s.  It found a new home with a group of young entrepreneurs that have a busines selling fresh cocnut juice.  Look for this van at local Southern California festivals and events. 



Classic Step Van's  "Classics "

Below are a few vans that we have completed and sold over the last couple of years. The most requested and talked about van is the black and white "Tino P10". We found this van in Central CA. and her owner Tino said it belonged to a guy that delivered baked goods for Dolly Madison. To this day it is the only P10 we have ever found with a (Todco) roll up rear door. It was sold to a gentleman in Washington DC who owns a garage door company that services Todco roll up doors....some things are just meant to be. The burnt orange (No pun intended) and white P10 was lost to a tragic fire just days before she was complete. It was a sad sad day! Also there are a few pictures of an iconic piece of Southern CA history. A super rare 1933 Twin Coach Helm's Bakery truck restored to it's original glory. This beauty went to a collector on the east coast. The root beer brown and white "Scallops" P10 was the first van we ever built and it went to a collector in Japan. The yellow Metro was a nice  one we found just down the street from our shop and was one of the only vehicles we ever had that got sold as is without any restoration or modifications. The demand for the Metro vans is still going strong! There have been many more but we can't show them we posted some of the special ones here for you to enjoy. Let us build your dream.... 

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